3 thoughts on “Shock! – New Yorkers Shouting “Impeach Obama!””

  1. Americans are waking up. We must get out to be heard! Impeach Obama! Secure our Borders!

  2. Obvious that he doesn’t give a crap about America. Letting all those people across the southern border, bringing in all those diseases that will infect all of us. Letting himself be bullied by Putin. What else. But it is time to impeach. Unfortunately, Mr. Speaker is a weak sister.

    1. I think people are hyping the diseases way too much. There should be disease control at the border, but they should be sent back, because there are not legal and not legitimate refugees. I am not expecting to be infected by a disease from an illegal alien. There are many thousands of Mexicans who drive back and forth across the border every day legally. If there as that much danger from disease, they would be bringing it across.

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