Comandante Alfonso Rebukes Guatemala for Caravan Block

Alfonso Guerrero Ulloa, called “Comandante”, rebukes the Guatemalan government for blocking the Caravan from Honduras in January, 2021. El Comandante is a leader of the Caravans, not the only or main leader, but his way of thinking is no doubt similar of that of the other Caravan leaders.

El Comandante is the Caravan organizer, who presented a letter to the US embassy in December of 2018, demanding $50K per person, if they would agree to go home. Considering the amount of money the Government ended up spending on fake refugees from Central America, that may have been a fair deal! LoL.

He is called comandante like Fidel Castro and Hugo Chavez were and, in fact, he sounds like a communist and anarchist.

Alfonso is a terrorist who lives in Mexico, where he was granted asylum after being accused of a terrorist attack in 1987 in Honduras, his homeland. He planted a bomb in a Chinese restaurant where six American soldiers and contractors were eating, injuring two of them.

He was a member of a leftist terrorist group, Revolutionary Popular Forces Lorenzo Zelaya, that hijacked an airliner in the 1982.

PARLECEN is the Central American Parlament
Alejandro Giammattei is the president of Guatemala
Juan Orlando Rodriguez is the president of Guatemala
Nayib Armando Bukele is the president of El Salvador

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