Dr. Fauci Funded Wuhan Lab to Weaponize Corona Virus

Mad Dr. Fauci is like a modern-day Josef Mengele, in that they both did dangerous medical experiments without regard to what impact it may have on humans. Then, we put Fauci in charge of managing the pandemic that his own experiments appear to have caused. The difference is that Mengele’s insane, malicious experiments hurt a relatively few individuals locally; while Fauci’s depraved experiments may not be as gruesome or sadistic in a personal way, but it can cause the torment and slaughter of many millions around the world.

Rudy Giuliani interviews Dr. Steven Greer, who talks about the probability that the virus that causes Covid came from the Wuhan lab, whether deliberately or accidentally. He says Dr. Fauci’s fingerprints all all over this, because he funded this type of work. Fauci funded work in Wuhan on how to create a corona virus that attacks humans with our tax dollars. That is, he funded work in Chicano on the major step that is necessary in the weaponization of the corona virus in China.

Giuliani states that the circumstantial evidence that the virus came from the lab and nowhere else is strong. Why is this man Trump’s adviser on the response to Covid-19? Hasn’t he done enough damage to our country already? Fauci should be criminally investigated. Get rid of Fauci!!

Newsweek: Dr. Fauci Backed Controversial Wuhan Lab With U.S. Dollars For Risky Corona Virus Research

A flu virus risk worth taking by Anthony S. Fauci, Gary J. Nabel andFrancis S. CollinsDecember 30, 2011

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