Scaling The New Border Fence, A Cartel Psyop?

The smuggling cartels control who crosses the border. There are tens of miles on either side of this short stretch of new border fence where the border can be crossed much more easily, because new fence has not been built, yet. The are many miles of border near Calexico where a person can still just walk across with no effort. There really is no need to go over this new 30-foot-high fence, except as a publicity stunt. Why risk your life crossing a short stretch of 30-foot-high fence when you can walk around it? You can say this was a kind of PsyOp, a demo that the fence could be crossed to embarrass the Border Patrol, to embarrass Trump and to demoralize supporters of border security. At the same time it enthuses those fanatical anti-Americans, who oppose border security and want to destroy America at any cost.

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