Rapid Construction of 31-Mile Border Fence Near Yuma

CBP released this drone video of the border fence being constructed to the east Yuma, Arizona and to the east of the Mexican town of San Luis Rio Colorado. I went there on September 5th, 2019 to take a look. On the other side of the border is Mexican highway 2. The unusual thing about this project is that there are multiple sections of the fence and multiple crews working on it. There are at least four sections. By a measurement with my odometer about 13.5 miles of new bollard fence have been built so far. I believe this will be a 20 mile stretch of fence. If there are four crews working on four different sections, the project should be completed in just a couple of months, but that’s just my guess. There may be plans to extend this fence another ten miles all the way to the Cabeza Prieta Mountains, beyond the 20 miles fence already being constructed.

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