DISCLAIMER: We are not “The Real Chicano Park” site

Many think that I (Roger O.) own the Facebook page called “The Real Chicano Park.” However, that is not true. The page is owned by Jeff Schwilk. Some of his friends are probably admins, but it is controlled by Jeff Schwilk. They are not connected with this page or any of the “Patriot Fire” sites. Nor are they part of the Proud Boys or former Proud Boys. (The San Diego chapter has been disbanded.)

In fact, Schwilk and his cohorts will not even be at Chicano Park on February 3rd. They were not at Chicano Park last September 3rd, either, or involved in the organizing. They just want to incite potentially violent people against us and then sit back and enjoy the fun, without exposing themselves to any risk. I have requested that they remove any links to my blog posts and videos. They just banned me from the site in response.

I organized Patriot Picnic I, but am not the organizer of the next event. However, the organizers of the Patriot II event are trying to take a moderate approach and make this event primarily about just raising the American flag in Chicano Park, since the flag is banned there. If the extremist supporters of the Park will not allow the flag to be raised, we intend to take video and publicize that as widely as possible. With any luck and the cooperation of the extremist supporters of the Park, it could get national attention.

Below are some screenshots from The Real Chicano Park site. Alexis Del Castillo is an organizer of the opposition event. The Park supporters making the comments think that the owner of The Real Chicano Park is the same as the organizers of the Patriot Picnic events. None of those involved with the Patriot Picnics are responsible for these comments. I generally delete comments like this, myself, if they appear on my own websites.

In fact, Hispanic and any others patriots, no matter what ethnicity or skin color, are invited to join us in flying the American flag in Chicano Park on February 3rd. There is always the possibility that some provocateur will show up. However, we are not Nazis or white supremacists as some extremist supporters of the Park like to defame us.

There are people on both sides that want to encourage a violent clash. Those coming to the park would prefer to avoid violence. But we insist on having the same rights in Chicano Park as in any other public park in San Diego.

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