Chicano Park: Attorney’s Warning to San Diego City

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Chicano Park is a park in San Diego that promotes a racial form of Mexican/Hispanic ultra-nationalism, communism and anti-Americanism. The city’s policies are responsible for creating a dangerous environment for those of certain ethnic and racial backgrounds who disagree with the radical ideological theme of the Park. The City’s political leadership illegally supports this political Park with our tax money, because it is a great help to them in keeping the Democrats in control of City government.

Below is a link to the letter sent by attorney Ed Rose to the San Diego City leaders warning about the discrimination and violation of civil rights in Chicano Park and asking them to respond and inform us how they will change their policies to provide equal rights for everyone at this Park.

Ed Rose Letter Mailed

7 thoughts on “Chicano Park: Attorney’s Warning to San Diego City”

  1. I CANNOT BELIEVE THIS. The park is been there for over 45 years. All because the commander in chief woke up all the bigots and racist everywhere, including San Diego. You guys wanted to attack an immigrant community. I bet not once in your guys life YOU have ever wanted to go to Chicano Park for a picnic. For many years my community of BARRIO LOGAN HEIGHTS has been seen as the “ghetto” and “dirty” whooptiwoo. Up until now you guys decided to go because you felt it was patriotic to go to a Raza park to lay down your white power. Please! HaH! THE PARK IS HERE TO STAY!!!! QUE VIVA LA RAZA!!!!!!

    1. It’s illegal what goes on there. Since it has been actually 47 years It’s high time for a change. I have been to Chicano Park Day a couple of times, good tacos, good Mexican food. It’s a great picnic in the Park. I enjoyed it, except for the anti-American aspects of parts of it. I’m sure it would be even better without the crass anti-Americanism.

      1. Comment says it all. You like Mexicans and “Hispanics” as taco-benders but you resent the culture, you resent the fact that it’s a people there in Logan Heights that has historical memory that isn’t consonant with your John Wayne Dotard Trump star-spangled pilgrim Americana Minute Man bullshit. You’re wasting your time son. Stay the hell out of Chicano Park, it wasn’t mean for your kind — and by your kind, I mean bitter and frail people of all nationalities and colors incapable of respect and understanding.

    2. Oh, as if saying things like “Viva La Raza”, when the words “La Raza” are directly translated as “The Race”, is not itself blatantly racist.

      If our Commander in Chief woke up the Patriots of the USA to the Invasive and Supremacist nature of the so-called “chicano” Insurgency of Idiots, those of us who view Citizenship as superior to Residency view that as a GOOD thing.

      “Why” the group in question chose to lunch at that PUBLIC park is not the issue. The issue is that mob violence was promoted, implemented, and sanctioned as the terrorist response by PUBLIC employees. That park does not deserve PUBLIC funding if the entire PUBLIC is not equally allowed access, including those members of the PUBLIC whom you happen to disagree with.

      You can say that you dislike those people as much as you wish. That is your right to Free Speech at work. But when you resort to mob violence and state-sponsored terrorism to prevent others from doing the same in a PUBLIC space, then you are NOT the one on the “moral high ground”. You’re just a bunch of Communist sh|t-stains who are trampling upon the Free Speech rights of others and who therefore you DO NOT DESERVE anyone else’s respect.

      The foreign-born Insurgents and their whack job enablers and apologists keep going on about how you want the “respect” of the entire world, but you haven’t done a damned thing to actually EARN that respect. Respect is not given, it must be EARNED.

      All that you brown supremacists have earned is our Scorn and our Contempt.

  2. There’s no reason I have to appreciate your made-up, fake Chicano baloney. Chicanismo is a cult, not a culture. It’s a form of Mexican fascism that unfortunately jumped the border. It does not represent all Mexicans or all Mexican-Americans as you like to pretend. Chicano / La Raza fascists have to learn that the law applies to everyone and everywhere in the U.S. You have to tolerate others, who may have different ideas. There is no right to exclude those, who do not happen to be submissive to Chicano fascism from your neighborhood. I may go to Chicano Park Day again and enjoy a couple carne asada tacos and an agua fresca this year, too. Watch for me, vatos.

  3. Im haliriously laughing rn.. “Ultra Nationalism”.. 😂😂 Bro.. Your jealous that Mexicans actually have Native Ancestors that goes back THOUSANDS OF YEARS BC even. Your “white” history is in your Europe bro, you need to search for your roots there, Not CALIFORNIA.. Its going to get really nasty for you once the Mexicans stop siding with the whites over Black folks (especially in Prison). The only Racist people is you and your pathetic “patriot” buddies.. Oh well, dont expect the cops or military to save you for long, when they throw Nazis in jail just as they do gang bangers.. LMFAO.. GET A LIFE!!

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