Attempt Fails to Use Courts to Limit Freedom of Speech

William Johnson, far-left activist
William Johnson lost today (Jan.12, 2018) in his attempt to silence Kris Wyrick via manipulation of the court system. In San Diego, Judge Tamila Ipema dismissed his frivolous request for a restraining order against two other family members and an family friend. Johnson had also filed a restraining order on a “Shadow Wyrick,” which is a non-existent person, only a handle used by some anonymous person on the Internet.

Johnson and Wyrick are both political activists. The restraining order was motivated mainly by a brawl that broke out at a Border Wall Rally in Otay Mesa in December. During that brawl, Johnson charged Kris Wyrick’s minor son (17 years old) and was struck in the face in self-defense. This produced a small cut on his face. The younger Wyrick had already been attacked by three fully-grown, much older men when Johnson charged him in a threatening manner.

Johnson was very unprepared and ill advised. First of all, the judge dismissed the restraining order request on everyone except Kris, due to no proof that they had been served papers.

The Judge advised Johnson that he needed to prove a threat on his life or violence against his person to warrant a restraining order. There was no proof of either of these presented in court. She also told Johnson that, if a crime has been committed, he should report that to the police, not the courts. She asked, whether a crime has been charged and Johnson replied, “not yet.”

This case is similar to another abusive restraining order filed recently by Yvette Felarca. Felarca is the leader of the violent, far-left, anarchist group, By Any Means Necessary (BAMN). In that case a court awarded the person, who was the object of the restraining order, $11,000 in court costs and other expenses.

Those, who may have advised Johnson to seek such a restraining order, advised him poorly. Will Johnson has now made himself vulnerable to similar penalties, due to his abuse of the court system for political reasons.


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