Lemon Grove Welcomes Terror and Drug Cartels (Videos)

Lemon Grove, a Welcoming City  for pseudo refugees and Illegal aliens
Lemon Grove, a Welcoming City
for pseudo refugees and Illegal aliens
Mayor Mary Sessom and the City Council of Lemon Grove passed on the sly a resolution, called a “Welcoming City” resolution for Refugees and Immigrants. This makes them part of a network of cities, which will be advertised as preferred destinations for refugees and immigrants. Many of these refugees will not be properly vetted and not legally eligible for asylum, but will be from areas where there is strong support for terrorist groups and drug cartels. For this reason, many of these refugees will have sympathy for terrorist groups or involvement with drug gangs.

Politicians want more refugees for political reasons. Persons fleeing poverty and crime are not legally eligible for asylum in the U.S. The Obama administration is stretching the legal definition of “refugee,” in order to do an end-run around immigration law. Those cities and counties, who join the “Welcoming Communities” network by resolution or proclamation, are aiding this effort to corrupt the legitimate refugee system for their political purposes. The actual words of the Resolution do not matter a great deal. The intent is disguised in order to avoid opposition.

Some of use went to the cuoncil two times The following video is a collection of News reports about the second meeting on October 18,2016

This is a video containing the complete comments for and against the resolution at the second meeting.

This is video of the Mayor slandering a citizen, before he could even speak. She accused him of causing someone to threaten her daughter and grandson on Facebook. Evidence was requested of the threat, but nothing was ever produce. We have to assume Mayor Sessom is vindictive and an outright liar.

This is video of all the public comments during our first meeting with the City Council on October 11, 2016.

This video contains the audio of the comments during the meeting when the resolution was passed on July 19, 2016. There was only input from a representative of a speacial interest group, Ginger Jacobs of the San Diego Immigration Rights Consortium. There was no input from ordinary citizens. They did not understand what it is about, because Mayor Sessom and the City Council kept is quiet.


Lemon Grove council takes heat on immigrant proclamation – San Diego Union Tribune


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