Citizen Condemns Encinitas “Welcoming” Unvetted Refugees

Encinitas Welcoming City for Terror and Drug Cartels
Encinitas Welcoming City for Terror and Drug Cartels
Encinitas Council members, Tony Kranz, Lisa Shaffer and Catherine Blakespear passed a resolution last March, called a “Welcoming City” resolution for refugees and immigrants. This makes Encinitas part of a network of cities, which will be advertised as preferred destinations for refugees and immigrants. Many of these refugees will not be properly vetted and not legally eligible for asylum, but will be from areas where there is strong support for terrorist groups and drug cartels. For this reason, some of these refugees will have sympathy for terrorist groups or involvement with drug gangs. The resolution has also being promoted by Kranz in other cities and for acceptance by the entire County, as a “Welcoming County.”

Politicians want more refugees for political reasons, cheap labor and eventually as compliant voters. Persons fleeing poverty and crime are not legally eligible for asylum in the U.S. The Obama administration is stretching the legal definition of “refugee,” in order to do an end-run around immigration law. Those cities and counties, who join the “Welcoming Communities” network, are aiding this effort to corrupt the legitimate refugee system for their own political purposes. The actual words of the resolution do not matter a great deal. The intent is disguised in order to avoid opposition. The Encinitas resolution was passed with the support of outsiders and special interests without residents knowing what it was about or getting a real chance to comment on it.

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