Trump Supporters Charged With Fake Hate Crime By Refugee in San Diego

zappypizzaThree San Diego men, Sean Arevalo, Terrance Crow, and Scott Peretti, are accused of having “beat down” a young Somalian refugee with a chair and brass knuckles in the “Zappy Pizza” take-out shop at 5971 University Ave in San Diego. The three Americans were charged with battery and assault with a deadly weapon (brass knuckles) with a hate crime add-on. The penalty could be several years in prison. This allegedly occurred on October 30, 2016, just a week before the election. This harsh prosecution is motivated by politics. We have an Assistant DA with a far-left, La Raza mentality, who was looking to nail someone on a frivolous hate-crime charge, so it can be used for political propaganda purposes. Many Trump opponents were eagerly looking for hate crimes among Trump supporters at that time, which they could trumpet just before the election.

San Diego Deplorable Three Defense Fund
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Note: The trial has been set for the following date. More details will be forthcoming.

San Diego Superior Court
September 5, 2017
County Courthouse
330 W Broadway
San Diego, Ca

San Diego media outlets have already convicted them, conducting a shameless media lynching. The story was syndicated by the Associated Press and has been published by other media outlets all around the nation, with very little effort by the media to learn the other side of the story. Here are some of the slanderous, early media reports.

Police call attack on Somali man a hate crime by San Diego Union-Tribune

3 Arrested in Attack on Muslim Man at San Diego Restaurant by NBC7 San Diego

This is an audio recording that this blogger made of an eye witness two days after the incident. This witness said that the news reports were “nonsense.”

Click here for a transcript of the above noisy audio file.

There were no brass knuckles used nor any other “deadly weapon” and the Somali was not hit over the head with a chair as the media slanderously portrayed the incident from only one side. An independent witness was not difficult to find. The incident started when two of the accused, Scott Peretti and Terrance Crow, were ordering take-out pizza at the counter. Crow declared “VOTE TRUMP” The Somali refugee took offense at that and replied “FUCK TRUMP” In return, Crow said “FUCK ISLAM” Then, a mutual altercation started, a minor scuffle.

One Somalian moved on Peretti in an threatening way, their faces only inches apart. After having warned not to come close Peretti struck him with his bare fist in self defense, producing a minor bump/abrasion on his forehead. Peretti’s other friend, Terry Crow, did not hit anyone. Sean Arevalo was waiting in the car rushed in to break it up and get his friends out of there. Sean Arevalo had some car keys in his fist. The cloth lanyard attached to the keys wrapped around his fingers was apparently mistaken for brass knuckles. The keys were inside his fist. Even so, it was stated in open court recently that Arevalo never hit anyone, whether he had brass knuckles or not. No one is apparently claiming that he threatened anyone with brass knuckles. Only one of the Muslim witnesses claimed that he saw brass knuckles, the younger friend of the alleged “victim.” None of the other 10 witnesses saw the mythical brass knuckles.

The Somali “victim” refused medical attention that night. The police report said his wounds were minor. However, he is the son of a politically influential leader, Ahmed Sahid, in the Somali/East African community, which reportedly numbers around 30K (potential voters) in San Diego. Due to such political influence and a ambitious Deputy DA of Hate Crimes, this minor altercation received so much attention.

According to the manager, there were no video cameras operating in the Pizza shop. The police did not arrive until the incident was over. They arrested the three Americans at another location based on the version of the story of the Somalian. Another Zappy customer, who had just arrived on the scene, followed them to the house around the corner and called 911.

The three men were arraigned on November 7th in Superior Court charged with battery with a felony hate crime add-on. There was no deadly weapon. Showing support for Trump should not be classified as a hate crime. Expressing disapproval of Islam is free speech, protected by the Bill of Rights. Americans have every right to disapprove publicly of a inherently theocratic religion founded by a “prophet,” who was a warlord, bandit, mass murderer, sex-slave monger and child molester. This is according to the Islamic literature, the hadith and the sirah.

They have “multi-cultural policing” in this area of San Diego, where tens of thousands of refugees reside. However, it is not the duty of the police to enforce Sharia law in the area, which is called “Little Mogadishu.” Expressing opposition to Islam should not result in a felony hate crime charge. The charges against these three Americans should be promptly dismissed. They have already suffered too much abuse at the hands of an overzealous, predatory deputy district attorney, politically-correct police and the sensationalist media for their politically-incorrect opinions.

Hate crimes are “thought crimes,” Orwellian in nature, intended to be applied mainly to certain segments of society to punish them for historic events, for which the current generation has no responsibility. But that is beside the point in this case. These three men went into the shop just to pick up pizza, not with the intention of committing a “hate crime.” The scuffle resulted from a mutual verbal altercation that did not start with hate words.

If Muslims want to live in America, they have to learn to accept free speech, even if it may be rude speech, without becoming violently enraged. The overly multi-cultural San Diego police and district attorney ought to uphold their oath of office, which requires them to defend our constitutional rights, not to defend Islam.

The original, defamatory story was blown out of all proportion by the media, and rapidly spread around the country. This was because it was election time and a supposed hate crime committed against a Muslim refugee plays well in the liberal media, who present it as a fact without doing any real journalistic investigation. An independent, disinterested witness to the incident called the media reporting “nonsense” and “irritating” that the media went into a feeding frenzy about something that “didn’t happen,” he said.

San Diego Deplorable Three Defense Fund

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  1. Saying fk Islam is no more a hate crime than saying fk all religion. Freedom of speech is not selective. Either you have freedom of speech or you don’t. I say fk all those that think it is a hate crime to speak out against Islam! Muslim Obama is gone, so stop the craziness.

  2. Reblogged this on stepman2001 and commented:
    AWAKEN AMERICA! Even with our new regime, the libtards are out there in positions of authority. A simple words between people turns into fisticuffs and now it is classed as a hate crime. The Somalian is the hater who started with the “F” bombs. This is a prime example of why Americans need to engage the politicos in their arena. Get involved in your self-governance or these outside interests will.

    1. I was checking into the refugee situation here, before this happened. I experienced hostility there in Somali stores. I lot of them don’t like Americans to begin with. But I guess that’s why Obama was bringing them here. I have seen estimates as high as 30k Somalis have been brought to San Diego in recent years.

  3. Oscar Garcia need to be investigated and removed from any hate crime. Around 2009 or so Mr Garcia was being interviewed at KPBS, he was talking about the % racism that he encounter in his public official practice. He answer that it was hi %. It called my attention that he did not mention racism-hate crimes cases against white people; he only mention minorities against white. I call the radio and let him see that he did not mention if white people were discriminated and I asked him to mention the percentage of hate crime against white people. That was because I know of cases when white people where attacked by “minorities” and I have witness the vocabulary expressed by Mexicans and that is normal culturally in the Mexican culture because the Mexican media is always referring to white people with denigrating adjectives, or inducing their audience to hate white people: “pale face blue eyes have killed most people, or the USA = white are racist they hate Mexicans and so much that President Reagan ask Mexican Presidente why they always talk bad about Americans if Americans have always being there when Mexico needs anything. Presidente De La Madrid said, do not believe that it is only for the consume of our people. Mr Garcia did not answer my question and the radio host let him ignore my question. My impression was that Mr Oscar Garcia was there abusing his position as public law worker and his input in the radio was for the creation of hate for the consume of “his people “,”minorities” and misinform people towards white people for political and profit-racism purpose that will benefit him and the people that support him like the self call ” la raza”, democratic party and Mexico.

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