Lemon Grove Welcomes Drug / Terror Refugees

frankfurt02On July 19th the City Council passed a resolution making Lemon Grove a “Welcoming City” for Immigrants, Refugees and Asylees. The “Welcoming Communities” program is an Obama initiative, an out-growth of his New Americans Project. There’s an organized, funded effort by far-left, anti-American open-borders groups to push cities across the country to accept and promote resettlement of un-vetted, so-called refugees. These people are often from areas dominated by terrorist groups and drug cartels, who may have reason to want to infiltrate into the US. This resolution was requested by the extreme leftist, progressive group, Alliance San Diego, apparently with no input at all from the residents of Lemon Grove.

The Resolution states that our Constitution guarantees the rights of ALL People. This is not true, the US Constitution only protects American Citizens. This is a core issue. The idea of universal citizenship is a Marxist utopian concept. We saw already what happened in Germany, when they tried to apply this utopian idea and opened their borders to everyone. Economic refugees are not recognized as legal refugees by US or international law and must be deported. Obama has recently been granting entry to almost anyone detained by the border patrol, if someone has trained to to say the right words. This is his way of bypassing the immigration laws, because most of these people will never show up in court.

This resolution is like a flashing neon sign, saying send refugees to Lemon Grove. It’s actually City law. It’s not clear, whether it was intended or not, but the way it’s stated it incorrectly grants foreigners the same rights as US citizens in Lemon Grove. Probably, it’s propaganda that the Marxist groups pushing this effort insert into the resolution.

The Welcoming City concept apparently started in Tucson, when Arizona banned Sanctuary Cities. It is like Sanctuary City, version 2.0, designed to survive legal challenges and it includes more support of (illegal) refugees. Obama took this took this concept and is spreading it nationwide, so that something like sanctuary cities can survive, for example, a Trump administration, if Trump should win.

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