Welcoming City Proclamation Retracted by Mayor Dedina of Imperial Beach

cc_meeting-1-01Last month the leftist mayor of Imperial Beach, Ca, Serge Dedina, issued a proclamation declaring Imperial Beach to be a “Welcoming City” a part of Welcoming Communities network, which is related to the Sanctuary City concept. The “Welcoming Communities” program is an Obama initiative, a part of the New Americans Project, intended to resettle large numbers of refugees from Syria, the rest of the Middle East and Central America in cities and towns across America as part of his efforts for “fundamental transformation.” There are several dozen “Welcoming Cities” and other “welcoming communities” across the US.

Obama's Network of Welcoming Communities

Obama’s Expanding Network of “Welcoming Communities”

A proclamation by a mayor is normally totally innocuous. That is, it is non-political and does not commit the city to any action. For that reason it does not require a vote by the council members. A proclamation to welcome refugees is however extremely political at this time. Acceptance of large numbers of refugees, which often don’t seem to fit the legal definition of “refugee,” is one of the main topics of contention in the presidential election. The mayor also did direct City departments to take action and help refugees. For these reasons the proclamation was inappropriate.

Four patriots and veterans found out about this proclamation after it had passed and went to the next City Council meeting to speak out against it. Word got out and at the next City Council Meeting 50-55 irate citizens turned out as you can see in the videos below.

This is the Mayors press release retracting the proclamation.


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