Obama “Good Riddance” Protest at MCAS Miramar

Displaying the Impeach-Obama  and Obama-bin-Laden signs.
Displaying the Impeach-Obama
and Obama-bin-Laden signs.
Displaying the Impeach-Obama and Obama-bin-Laden signs.[/caption]A few of us did a “good riddance” impeach-Obama,NOW protest at the Marine Corps Air Station Miramar in San Diego. After the disastrous trip to Roseburg, where Obama tried to exploit a mass killing for political reasons and was protested, he did some fundraising in LA and went to San Diego to play golf. He was a guest of the super-rich Irwin Jacobs family at the Valencia Resort in Rancho Santa Fe, a deeply Republican enclave.

The response was overwhelmingly positive from the by passing traffic. Many of the Marines and others going in and out of the marine base were observing military decorum and did not honk, but gave thumbs up, waved, voiced support or gave other signals that they supported and appreciated our protest. One person at the end of the protest shouted his thanks to us for being there to publicly condemn Obama’s misdeeds.

We did get a few middle fingers waved as us and obscenities yelled at us, but it was relatively minor compared to the positive response. One person did drive up and spit at me, but it was a long shot. I raised my Obama-bin-Laden sign in defense and his potentially aids-infected spittle actually hit Obama, not me.

There was a group of liberals, who protested against the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) at the East Gate, where the motorcade actually entered. We protested at the North Gate, where there was much more traffic passing by and a lot more engagement with the public.

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