Obama Offers Mormons Pact With The Devil

Obama DevilThe media was excluded from this secret meeting, but it is not too difficult to imagine what went on. Obama offers all churches free tax money and and the souls of new converts, if they will only support his lawbreaking and destruction of American national sovereignty. It’s a contract with the Devil, so to speak. Churches are encouraged to accept fake “refugees,” who are not really refugees at all, and newly-arrived illegal aliens. The churches are well paid for their room and board and are available for recruitment into the church taking care of them.

Obama Huddles Privately With Mormon Leaders in Utah

It is a violation of federal law to aid and abet illegal aliens, but the Government has been doing it with impunity for decades. When so many millions of illegal aliens are enticed to come that it threatens the sovereignty of the Nation and is intended to be used to gain permanent political power, this is actually subversion and treason. We should not be afraid to call it what it is.

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