Organizers Roundtable – Impeach Obama Now! – Troll Attack?

ObamaJackass One person called up near the end of the call and insisted that the call not be posted. Some of us are thinking that she and 1-2 other persons, who supported her, are Obama trolls with the intention of disrupting the calls and the protests for Obama’s removal. The numbers of her and one of her supporters were not logged by the software. So, we can not even verify where the calls came from. Discussion of this and other troll attacks will be added to the agenda of next week’s Roundtable.

Listen to the Roundtable here
(72 minutes).

The calls are open to anyone on the Internet, who has an interest in organizing protests for Obama’s impeachment and removal from office. Anyone can be listening to these calls, just as anyone may be reading blog and Facebook posts. These are not private calls they are public calls and the videoconferencing application tells people when they are being recorded. Thousands of persons are invited to participate in the calls.  The object is not to entrap anyone, but to motivate and to organize. If anyone does not want to be recorded, they should not participate.

The recordings of the calls are posted for informational and educational purposes and to promote interest in the protests. If you do not want your name potentially mentioned in the call, please do not participate. However, the troll in this call was the one who mentioned her name first. Otherwise, no one would have known who she is. In fact, we probably still do not know who she is, because it was a phantom call not logged by the software. I would suggest not letting such people buffalo us. I am not expecting to be arrested or fined for illegal wiretapping due to this open conference call on the Internet.

Remember that you cannot “stand up” and “hide out” at the same time. If you want your name written in the history books, you cannot be afraid to have it mentioned in public. America will not be “taken back” by the timid and the weak.  Act like Rudy Giuliani, not like a scared rabbit.

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