Impeach Obama NOW Protest in Palm Springs

Palm Springs is dominated by the Hollywood elites, liberals and radical homosexuals. Obama visited there on Valentine’s Day, 2015 to enjoy the golf course, the Obama-worship and the gay culture (without Michelle.) A few of us traveled there to protest the visit and found significant support for removing this would-be dictator from office even in this center of Obama worship. A couple hundred residents, mostly supporters came to see Obama’s arrival. Obama is reportedly planning to buy a house in a gay neighborhood of Palm Springs.

Obama was almost two hours earlier than officially planned. For that reason only the last part of the motorcade was caught on video. The Motorcade came out of the front of the airport via Kirk Douglas Way, turned to the left and proceeded east on E. Ramon Road. It probably went down to Bob Hope Drive and turned right to continue to Sunnylands and/or Rancho Mirage.

Five protesters took part in the protest at the corner of E. Ramon Rd and Gene Autry Trail (HWY 111). Several sympathetic passersby stopped and stood with us for a while. Though the motorcade drove right through the intersection, most of the protesters were not on hand when it passed, because it was so much earlier than expected.

One of the Obama followers complained about Raymond using a megaphone. Even though he did not live in the neighborhood and we were right under the airport’s landing path and much more noise was being made by the jets, the police officer ordered us to stop using the megaphone.

There was some confusion, because there is a “HYW 111B” that splits off from HYW 111. HWY 111 turns into Gene Autry Trial near the airport, not HWY 111B. Pay attention to this on the map next time. Some of our protesters got lost and missed the motorcade this time.

Obama comes to Palm Springs

Obama arrives in Palm Springs, golfs at Sunnylands

It was reported that he headed directly to Sunnyland (Annenberg Estates) to play golf that day. Obama was apparently staying in a private residence in Thunderbird Heights, said to be a largely gay neighborhood of Rancho Mirage. This is the second year that Obama spent Valentine’s Day in Palm Springs without Michelle Obama.

Impeach Obama Protesters in Palm Springs
Impeach Obama Protesters in Palm Springs

Impeach Obama Protesters in Palm Springs
Impeach Obama Protesters in Palm Springs

Gene Autry Statue  Impeach Obama NOW Protest
Gene Autry Statue
Impeach Obama NOW Protest

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