How Congress Can Defund Amnesty

ObamaBrainwashThis is the best explanation of how defunding Obama’s dictated Amnesty would work that I have seen. According to this article it depends on Congress funding the budget piecemeal and and not producing a single budget bill. There is a potential problem with this.

How Congress Can Stop The Obama Regime Administrative Amnesty – Defund The Bureacracy!

Congress tried to fund the budget piecemeal last year, so that certain items could be defunded. The Senate refused to go along with it. It is not clear the slight majority that the Republicans hold in the House are enough to fund a budget piecemeal. Most votes required a 60% vote of approval in the Senate. Some Democrats may still be needed to go along with it.

However, it is not clear why the budget has to be funded piecemeal to defund Amnesty. Congress did not have to do that to defend the contras during the Reagan administration. Apparently, it would be due to fear that Obama would stop paying the Treasury Debt.

According to Congressman Tom McClintock, Obama threatened to stop paying the interest on the treasury debt, which is required by the 14th Amendment, if the Government were shutdown. He took the Republicans to the edge of the financial abyss and the Republicans caved. Not sure the situation has changed that much, since the Republicans have a slight majority in the Senate.

We have a malicious and psychologically disturbed person in the Oval Office. He does not play by any rules, but his own. He will push Americans to the brink until they finally stand up to him. Sooner would be better than later.

(revised 11/12/2014 to make corrections.)

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