Americans Last Again – Legal Aid Approved For Illegal Aliens

Our new progressive-dominated San Diego County Board of Supervisors decided to put Americans last, once again, when they voted to give illegal aliens financial aid for their legal defense against deportation. Deportation proceedings is a civil action and American citizens are not eligible to obtain financial aid if they are defendants in a civil lawsuit. The County has allocated five million dollars for this program. It is expected to become a part of the annual budget.

County Boards, with their feelings self-importance, are often not satisfied with the more mundane local tasks, such fixing potholes, catching stray dogs and dealing with homelessness. Sometimes they like to weigh-in on national and even global issues, using our money. Deportation of illegal aliens is a federal issue. Certainly, the County should not be using local taxpayers money to defend non-citizens from deportation in a federal court.

Terra Lawson-Remer is the radical, newly-elected, progressive supervisor who proposed this measure. That she thinks the Constitution guarantees illegal aliens a taxpayer-funded defense just shows how twisted and confused the thinking of progressives can be. One commentator also commented that the fund could also be used to sue landlords for discrimination when they refuse to rent to illegal aliens.


This is the contact info of those who voted “yes” in case you would like to tell them how you feel about it.

Terra Lawson-Remer
Phone: (619) 531-5533
Twitter: Supervisor Terra Lawson-Remer

Nora Vargas
Phone: 619.531.5511
Twitter: Supervisor Nora Vargas

Nathan Fletcher
Phone: (619) 531-5544
Fax: (619) 531-6262
Twitter: Supervisor Nathan Fletcher

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