Can We Secure The Border?

“Secure the border” is a great slogan, but it does not seem possible until the jobs and social benefits that attract illegal aliens here in the first place are eliminated. Eliminating the jobs and benefits would be much more cost effective and sustainable in the long run. After the jobs and benefits are gone, securing the border would be relatively easy.

There has been a federal law since the 1950’s that prohibits attracting illegal aliens to come to the US or aiding and abetting them after they are here. Yet, local, state and federal Governments have been giving illegal aliens benefits for decades that attracts them to come and sustains them after they are here.

The more the border is fenced and guarded, the more benefits are offered to the illegal aliens by corrupt politicians to attract them here. For example, California recently has passed laws allowing illegal aliens to obtain drivers licenses and trade licenses.

The more difficult it is to cross the border, the more drugs must be smuggled to pay for the crossing.

The Government has been ignoring immigration law for decades. Why should politicians be exempt from the law which, if violated by an ordinary citizen, would cause him to be sentenced to prison for years? The politicians, who support gratuitous benefits for illegal aliens to attract them to come to the US illegally and advance their political agenda should be jailed, convicted and imprisoned, starting with Obama, who would have to be impeached first.

8 U.S. Code § 1324 – Bringing in and harboring certain aliens

The actions of such politicians is criminal and even treasonous has not yet been very well communicated to the broader public. The public does not yet understand it. Having a large part of the public develop a consensus about this would be a game changer.

The courts may use legal niceties to justify why politicians cannot be held criminally responsible for their “official” criminal actions, but the average citizen will recognize that what they are doing is against the intent of the law and not in our national interest.

It is not the immigration system that is broken, but the political system, whose job it is to enforce the law. The political system needs to be “fixed” by removing and jailing a good number of these corrupt and treasonous politicians.

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