Syrian “Rebels” Pledge Loyalty To al-Qaeda

Obama is arming and funding one faction of the Syria Rebels, trying to blow smoke up the arse of the American public that they are “moderates.” If you support one faction of an allied group, you support all of them. Our corrupt and idiotic Congress, including the Republicans, just voted to allow Obama to arm the Syrian Rebels, who spawned ISIS, based on the Big Lie that they are going to fight ISIS, their terrorist brethren. I would not call them “rebels,” but what they are, “terrorists.” The Syrian terrorists are all jihadists and Al Qaeda, the same people, who killed thousands of our troops in Iraq and thousands of American civilians in the 9/11 attacks. Just cut off the funding, arms and support. We cannot trust Obama to intervene in Iraq and Syria in our interest. He will use it as an excuse to install the Caliphate. He does not have our interest at heart and the quisling Congress (both parties) are aiding and abetting this enemy of the American Republic.

Syrian “Rebels” Pledge Loyalty To al-Qaeda

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