Obama Leads All Arab/Muslim Attack On Syria

Obama has for years already bombed Al Qaeda and other jihadist, Islamic terrorists in some places and aided them in other places. It has become fairly obvious that he wants to *lead* these Islamic terrorist groups for his own perverse purposes, not destroy them. So, he rewards those who support his agenda and bombs those who do not. Osama bin Laden was Obama’s rival in the leadership of the jihadist terrorist movement and so he had to be “killed off,” whether he was really killed or not. No third parties were allowed to examine the evidence.

Obama and five other Arab/Muslim dictators illegally attacked Syria this week under the pretense of the destruction of ISIS, an off-shoot of his own jihadist allies in Syria trying to overthrow the current Syrian regime. No European or other countries outside the region participated in this blatantly illegal attack.

Obama originally encouraged and funded the Muslim Brotherhood and Al Qaeda to start an insurrection against the current dictator Assad in Syria, so that Syria can be transformed into a Muslim theocracy as he has attempted to do in Egypt, Libya and elsewhere. This would mean that Christians and other religious minorities in Syria would be slaughtered, oppressed and/or driven out. The Obama-instigated war in Syria has already killed over 100 thousand people and a couple of million have been made refugees.

Obama is hoping that Assad will try to defend his country to give him an excuse to bomb the pro-Syrian forces and topple the Assad regime as he did Gaddafi in Libya. Libya is now in chaos, controlled by Islamist militias, a haven for terrorists. The large stockpiles of military weapons, gold and oil wealth of Libya is now going to support jihadist revolution in the Middle East and Northern Africa.

Last year, Obama attempted to use a poison gas attack as an excuse to bomb Syria, even before it was determined who carried out the attack. Many thought that Obama’s jihadist allies in Syria had launched the gas attack that killed hundreds of civilians. Due to lack of support from allies, Obama did not go though with the bombing of Syria last year. Namely, the British Parliament is still functional and refused to authorize the attack, unlike our own Congress which has largely abdicated their own Constitutional authority to declare war.

The Constitution does not give Obama the right to attack any country he wants at will and he did not request authority from Congress to go to war in Syria. He did request Congress to allow him to arm to the very Syrian rebels who are allied with ISIS and spawned ISIS. He sold this under the “Big Lie” that the Syrian Rebels would fight ISIS, even though the Syrian Rebels have never agreed to do that. Many of their members joined ISIS, their Islamic terrorist brothers.

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