Boehner’s Primary Opponent FIRED For Running Anti-Boehner Ad

J.D. Winteregg has been fired from his adjunct professor position at Cedarville University in Ohio. Winteregg set out to accomplish a goal that many deemed impossible. As he watched the country decline and witnessed a failure to lead by Republican leadership, he made the decision to run for Congress. His target? The seat currently occupied by Republican House Speaker John Boehner.

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We should stop calling them RINO’s and call them what they are gangsters and traitors.

Click here to see the ad that got J.D. Winteregg fired from his job.

2 thoughts on “Boehner’s Primary Opponent FIRED For Running Anti-Boehner Ad”

  1. This was months ago, but still bears repeating. Poor JD had only raised $12,000, compared to RINO “Boner’s” $12,000,000./

    1. I sometimes post things that are 40-50 even 100 years old. Three months is still recent news. It is difficult to get conservatives to donate. For that reason the elections will always be controlled by big money, unless they do government funding of elections.

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