More Infighting at Overpasses for America

Another state administrator quit Overpasses for America, Brandy Mason. She was apparently the admin for Maryland and Delaware. It has been reported by multiple people that Neighbors is sometimes abusive towards admins. The following story has been posted on the Internet.

Exposing Fakes – Overpasses for America

The article states that James Neighbors, the Founder of Overpasses for America, stole the idea from Roger Ogden. I (Roger Ogden) organized the first protest (with the help of friends here in SoCal) and posted the viral video that gave him the idea. I helped Neighbors get started, but a few weeks later he banned me from all the groups, spread the word that I was a “troll” and quit giving me any credit after that. The name of our group in San Diego at the time was “Stop Obama Now” and now it is “Impeach Obama Now.” To find it, search for “Impeach Obama Now” on Facebook. If you search YouTube for “Impeach Obama Overpass Protest” you will find many clips of Overpass protests that I posted under the account SoNSanDiego.

More recently, in the last couple of weeks some dufus named “Al Tallant” of Denton, Texas has been going around telling folks that I am pro-Obama. These dirty tricks are common practice among some of the people in the OfA group. What I post here, I post openly and it can be checked. If you post anything critical of Neighbors, some of his minions will attack you and often spread lies behind your back.

The phallus-shaped cactus shown in the article at the link above is apparently an image that is sent to admins, when they fall out of favor with Neighbors. If you are part of Overpasses for America and feel abused. You should know that you are not the only one. You can always air your grievances here. Others need to be aware of what goes on at OfA.

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James Neighbors Archive

The 77-year-old child molester mentioned in the article, who is residing with James Neighbors, is Talmadge Eugene Neighbors. He is about the right age to be the father (or uncle) of James Eldon Neighbors.

Talmadge E. Neighbors – Registered Sex Offender

Talmadge Neighbors was released from prison last October after serving three years of a five-year sentence for the offense of “Lewd Or Indecent Proposals/Acts To Child,” that is child molesting.

Of course, no one is responsible for what their relatives do. However, a number of people have reported that Neighbors is abusive to others, deceitful and manipulative. In light of that, it may be useful to consider his background. That is, his family history, credit history and employment history. It is known that he has also had some bad debts and does not appear to have had a long history of stable employment. He sued his last employer over a workman’s compensation claim.

5 thoughts on “More Infighting at Overpasses for America”

  1. I joined OFA about June 21 2013 and was helping recruit people to the group. I got to know James and considered him a friend. I often sided with him when a dispute occurred usually when a State OFA Leader questioned the Donation Page and where the money was going. I started receiving complaints from members who donated money and wanted to know what was going on. Several came to me telling me that James Neighbors was using these donations to pay personal bills. At the same time Ann, Rick and I handled a dispute in Virginia the way we thought best. After two large donations from members of the rogue Virginia group, James Neighbors reinstated the leaders and removed the three of us from that state. I questioned James Neighbors on this and he became enraged. He started the name calling and tried to pressure me to be quiet. I left OFA around October 20. I just feel if we do not hold the leaders of these type groups accountable how can we expect to be taken seriously when we demand the same of our government. I also feel that a true Patriot does NOT need to be paid to take on this fight.

  2. Here is a copy/paste from a pm from James Neighbors, I think he forgot this:
    James Neighbors The plan is simple… We organize locally for protests in each state.. Once the state groups are organized, we will have a nationwide protest, starting in the Eastern time zone at 730am, then each time zone will proceed at 730am, Central, Mountain, Pacific. Each group will be autonomous, and encouraged to have their own protests and rallies.. We will of course want to spread the word about Overpasses for Obama’s Impeachment when anyone asks, especially the media. This isn’t some one guy gets the credit organization, nor something to pad anyone’s ego or pocketbook.. Just We the People acting as a nation… E Pluribus Unum.. Out of many, one.

    1. More likely he never meant it. Just saying it, because he knows that’s what people wanted to hear. He talked like he had an undying commitment to impeaching Obama, too. He started moving away from impeachment after six months. I had the feeling early on that he wanted to take control of the impeach Obama effort to further his own personal agenda. Self-interest and ego makes the world go around,I suppose, but people should not get confused about his motivations.

      Neighbors is a good example of why one person should not be in control, but on the other hand, it is also difficult to get people to cooperate on their own. What we really need to do is encourage parallel, independent groups to start up and make it as easy for them as possible. And not worry too much about Jim, other than informing people what is going on. Then people can join the group that suits them best.

      We already have a lot of cross membership. At the impeach Obama protest at Obama’s talk at Anaheim, I believe there were quite a few OfA folks there. Many of my own members in San Diego are also in OfA. Regular members often don’t care too much what is happening with the admins.

  3. I am one of the MANY women James has verbally assaulted and threatened. This guy genuinely hates women. Idk what happened before in his life to make him despise women, but from the way he spoke to me I know he has NO respect for women whatsoever. He is a disrespectful slimeball. Never in my life have I been spoken to like that by a man. He is NOT a leader and he is NOT a patriot.

    1. It appears that he was raised by a child molester and grew up on the wrong side of the tracks. It would not be surprising, if he developed some serious issues and resentments from that.

      Many believe that he and Dallas both use false Facebook accounts to attack and manipulate others. People should be aware of that possibility also. There are a lot of con games being played.

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