A Simple Test for Obama’s Big Lie

If the huge number of illegal aliens were legitimate refugees, other countries could be persuaded to take a large part of them and the United Nations would be providing assistance. Since Obama is not trying to obtain help from other countries or the UN, we know that it is not really about refugees fleeing for their lives, but just poor people seeking jobs and social benefits. This is not to mention that the vast majority of them will never show up to court for a hearing on refugee/asylum status. Obama is just using these poor people as a tool for his subversion of the sovereignty of the United States.

It is a criminal and treasonous act for him to resettle these persons in the US. He incited the illegals to come here in the first place by not enforcing the immigration law for certain classes of people and it is a federal crime to aid and abet illegal aliens. Obama is corrupting the Border Patrol, local police and other government agencies by using them to carry out his criminal trafficking of these illegals in order to further his own subversive and seditious personal agenda.

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