Stand with Danny – Court Hearing and Press Conference

StandWithDannyDanny Martins was arrested and charged with crimes by the Nassua County police for protesting peacefully against the Dear Leader, Barack Hussein Obama aka Barry Soetoro aka “His Highness Lord Obama the Omipotent” to you. He has reportedly been charged with “Disorderly Conduct” and “Criminal Nuisance” (See links.) His court appearance is next week. Citizens are being requested to attend and show support.

[Sarcasm]If only young Danny Martins had been doing something less harmful like selling drugs, mugging old ladies or smuggling illegal aliens, he would not be in such trouble with the Nassau police. Instead he fell in with a band of flag-waving patriots and began protesting against the Dear Leader and that led to his downfall.[/Sarcasm]

To obtain more information, go to this link. Please share.

I Stand with Danny

Danny Martins to be prosecuted for Impeach-Obama Protest

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