The Psychology of Protesting for Obama’s Impeachment

manbehindthecurtainHumans have a strong instinct for self preservation. This causes them to keep their heads down when a tyrant appears on the scene, even though the tyrant could easily be laid low, if many of them acted together.

Obama’s handlers have put a kind of a mass spell on America to enhance the fear. The spell is now beginning to break and people are gradually becoming more confident in coming forward and speaking out against Obama directly. The dam of public opinion is developing some very large cracks.

The timid have a million excuses why they should not challenge the tyrant directly and have him exposed and punished for his crimes. In the case of Obama some of the popular ones have been:

It won’t do any good, anyway.
Biden would be worse than Obama.
It’s too early. Give him a chance.
It’s too late. Wait for him to leave office. (overlaps in time with the previous excuse.)
I am too busy right now.
I am not physically able.
I could lose my job.
There is no protest group near where I live.
Etc., etc., etc., ad nauseum

Obama has, of course, many fabulously wealthy and influential supporters in Hollywood, who understand very well how to brainwash and manipulate the masses. After the movie “Jaws,” which exploited a primordial fear of being eaten by a predator, the beaches of America were deserted for months, even though the chance of being attacked by a shark are microscopically small.

ObamabehindthecurtainThe idea that Obama is the Antichrist or a re-born Hitler/Stalin was intentionally seeded by Obama’s own supporters (s.a. Oprah Winfrey) into the minds of his opponents during the campaign of 2008 and the early years of his would-be reign. This spread a contagious fear among opponents, while at the same time hope for a utopia was instilled in the True Believers. Many of his opponents have helped to spread this panic via our own hysteria.

Obama may be a megalomaniac like Hitler and have Nazi-like ideas, but he is not in the same position as Hitler was, in fact he is quite vulnerable. He does not have the huge army of street thugs that Hitler had. Personal liberties that Americans have historically enjoyed continue to be mostly intact at this point, in contrast to Germany of that time. Americans can still exercise their personal liberties, if they will. If they do not, then they will certainly lose them.

Obama is only a wannabe Hitler, though he is still an enormous danger to our constitutional republican system. He would become a real dictator, if we just sit back and let him. To stop him, he has to be attacked publicly and directly by very large numbers of angry people. Humor, mockery and ridicule can also be effective in combination with righteous anger. The movement to impeach and remove Obama from office is taking off. Join it!

He must be exposed and punished in order to discourage future, would-be tyrants. If he leaves office in 2017 without being exposed, he will never be exposed and never punished for his crimes. His presidency will be validated and his crimes will set precedent as normal behavior. Now is the time to act.

Public protest is the only way to bypass and overcome the media’s brainwashing. It must be largely a grass-roots, volunteer effort, because Obama’s IRS controls nonprofits to a great degree via tax regulations, as we know from the Tea Party experience.

To learn more details and join our upcoming protest in Anaheim go to these links:

Impeach Obama Protest at UC Irvine Graduation (June 14th)

Operation Angel Stadium – Impeach Obama Now!! – CA State Group Event (Facebook)

In later years you will be proud that you took part. In fact, you will be glad already at the protest. It is a great feeling to actually be taking part with others in a direct protest against the Great Usurper.

Roger Ogden
San Diego, Ca
Organizer, Impeach Obama Now!!

The image of Obama has been projected as a terrifying Oz-like figure, but he is really the little man behind the curtain. It is mainly our own fears and social inhibitions that are exploited to prevent us from dealing with him and his criminal minions the way we should.

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