Operation American Spring Using Nazi-Like Rhetoric?

The website for “Operation American Spring” has passages, which have a similarity to some rhetoric used by Nazis. See the except below from the website, Patriots for America, posted apparently by Harry Riley, the organizer of Operation American Spring.

…..the law of nature rules. A fluffy, cuddly lamb gets eaten by a mean old wolf is not an illegal or immoral event…the law of nature. When some greedy, self-serving occupant of the White House or Congress, or elements outside America, is threatening our existence, our freedom, our liberty, our Constitution, our life resources, our America, then we fight back to destroy the threat and there is nothing immoral or illegal about it. When the government becomes lawless, then “we the people” no longer are obligated to follow the government……there is no law when government picks and chooses for political purposes or personal agenda. At this time the government is performing as a lawless entity……

A duck cannot be turned into a fox; an elephant cannot be turned into a flea; the laws of nature will not permit. Likewise, a nation ordained and principled by the laws of nature, sovereign, free, with liberty for all cannot naturally become a nation guided by royalty, decrees, tyranny, elitist, self-serving criminals. The former has proven desirable, the latter has proven human pain. “We can become a nation guided by royalty IF “we the people” beguiled by the government in surrender to our lusts for that which we have not earned –for what is not natural –if we have become intoxicated by unbroken success” as Lincoln proclaimed in March 30 ,1863 call for fasting, humiliation, and prayer–we can very easily heap to ourselves leaders, and with itching ears, be turned from the Truth to become enslaved by the LIE.”

The United States of America (elephant) while embracing the “LIE” is teetering on the abyss of becoming a sniveling, blood sucking, undesirable nation (flea).

Hitler believed in Social Darwinism, the idea of the “survival of the fittest” and “might makes right.” The reference to it being “natural” and “not illegal or immoral” for the wolf to eat the lamb reflects the concept of Social Darwinism.

Hitler = Noble Wolf
Hitler = Noble Wolf
Hitler referred to himself as “Herr Wolf.” The name “Adolf” is a contraction of two words in Middle High German that mean “Noble Wolf.” Hitler called his headquarters on the Eastern Front the Wolfsschanze (Wolf’s Lair) and several of his other major headquarters in Europe were named after the wolf, Wolfschucht (Wolf’s Ravine) in Belguim and Werwolf (Werewolf) in the Ukraine. The German resistance after the war was also called the “Werwolf.” Because “wolf” was Hitler’s nickname for himself, the wolf motif is still very popular among neo-Nazis.

Neo-Nazi Symbol
Neo-Nazi Symbol
At the same time, Jews were described by the Nazis as an infestation of German society. In the Nazi propaganda film, Der Ewige Jude (the Eternal Jew), they were compared to disease-carrying rats, which often spread illness via the fleas that they carry. Not to mention the term “blood sucking” is frequently used by Nazis to describe Jews.

Wolf's Hook Symbol
Wolf’s Hook Symbol
The Wolfsangel (wolf’s hook) is a Nazi symbol and is often used as a substitute for the Nazi swastika.

Are these similarities to Nazi rhetoric coincidental or a dog whistle to Nazis and other like-minded extremists? The term “dog whistle” means here the use of words of phrases that are typically understood mainly by a small target audience, but not generally by the broader public. The nature of “dog whistles” is to be ambiguous so that the intent can be denied. You decide for yourself, if this is what is intended or not.

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