Patriot Wave 11 Announced for March 28-29, 2014

Patriot Wave 11 Announced for March 28-29, 2014

Overpasses for America announces their next protest event. It is not too clear what it is all about, because “Impeach Obama” was recently dropped from their name and the words do not even appear here on the announcement, though they still do refer to impeachment indirectly on their web sites.

Overpasses for America appears to be about contributions. The belief is that the group is moving away from impeachment, in order to become a 501(c)(4) non-profit organization and be able to “cash in.” 501C non-profits are not allowed by law to oppose politicians directly, but they can accept unlimited anonymous contributions from fat-cats. So, if this happens, you will not know who will be paying the organizers of the Overpasses for America organization. In other words, they plan to sell control of the organization. This is why they need to control the movement, because you cannot sell what you don’t control.

Not suggesting that people not attend Patriot Wave events, just that patriotic Americans need to start forming independent local volunteer groups for impeachment that may be loosely coordinated, but are not under the absolute direct control of anyone other than their local leaders.

The tradition that made America great is rugged individualism and local volunteerism, not tax benefits from Big Government. The IRS is used by the Government as an instrument of social engineering and political control. Many non-profits do worthwhile work and deserve support, but they cannot respond as an organization adequately to a treasonous president, because they are too dependent on Obama’s IRS. A volunteer mass movement is desperately needed to advocate the exposure, impeachment and removal of Obama.

Patriot groups often depend on Big Government  for nonprofit tax benefits
Patriot groups often depend on Big Government
for nonprofit tax benefits
We already have many dysfunctional, nonprofit “patriot” groups sucking at the teat of the Obama regime, but we have never really had a long-lasting, determined movement of volunteers working for the removal of the Great Usurper. As soon as a promising movement starts, such as the Tea Party in the early days, a would-be national leadership begins trying to figure out how to make a nonprofit out of it and draw a salary for themselves, even though it means making it dependent on Obama’s IRS and giving up their free speech right to advocate his removal from office.

Obama is not the only problem, but he is the point man, the most malevolent and malicious president the US has ever known. Exposure and punishment of criminals deters other criminals. That is the reason a truly grassroots movement is needed to advocate the impeachment, conviction and removal of Obama, no matter how late it comes. If you wait until he leaves office, — assuming he leaves office — the precedent will be set that Obama’s criminality and gangsterism is acceptable for a president.

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