Tea Parties Made A Deal With The Devil

Deal-with-the-DevilThe Tea Party has often been hailed by conservatives as the savior of the Nation, but they and many other such patriot groups have struck a deal with the “Devil” (aka Big Government) when they sought a non-profit tax status that puts them on a leash held by Obama, himself, and severely limits their engagement in politics, prohibiting them from confronting the Great Deceiver directly. This selling of the patriot soul for a handful of tax benefits threatens to condemn the constitutional republic straight to hell.

When a group seeks 501(c) non-profit status they are required by law to give up a good deal of their freedom of speech rights as an organization. Individual members can still do what they want, just not as a representative of the non-profit. This is the case even before considering any IRS discrimination against such conservative organizations, which just compounds the ill effects of this original contract with the Adversary.

The leadership of such groups are reluctant to admit the impact of consorting with the Evil One, because it would hamper their recruiting and fund raising ability. Patriot groups are jealous of their memberships and do not want to admit that they are not the complete solution to all of our problems. You seldom hear an unkind word directed at Obama from the representatives of these non-profit organizations, even though Obama is the most malicious and malevolent president the US has ever known, because they fear he will retaliate against them.

Leftist groups appear to have learned long ago, how to deal with this issue. They use non-profit groups to build up and support their base. Other types of groups, such as red unions (SEIU) or volunteer groups, are utilized for protest and direct political engagement.

Conservatives have to become aware of this and how to work around it, and fast, or the cause is lost. Political Action Committees and volunteer groups can engage politically in a more effective and direct way. There are still a few independent Tea Parties, who have not relinquished their free speech rights to the very Prince of Darkness, whom they seek to combat.

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