Video: The Phoenix HONK to IMPEACH Rush Hour Event

Video: The Phoenix Phoenix HONK to IMPEACH Rush Hour Event

Published on Feb 8, 2014 – 11th Avenue Overpass Event for the Removal of Tyrants and Scum and the Restoration of Constitutional Government.

This is an event from Feb 8th that was overlooked. The response to your overpass protest depends on how good your signage looks and the size of the crowd on the overpass. If your protest looks strong, people will honk approval, but if your protest does not look very strong, even people who support you will not be so enthusiastic about it.

Not saying you should not protest with a couple of friends, if you want, but just want to describe what it takes to obtain the best results. If you are not getting a very good response, the participants will likely eventually give up and stop attending your events.

Ironically, the response often seems to be better in areas that are more pro-Obama, probably because conservatives feel oppressed in such areas and become excited when they finally see such a demonstration. Signage that mocks Obama can also provoke a better response.

The upshot is that you have to expend a good deal of money and work on the signs to get the best response and you need a good-sized group of people to attend. To produce a large number of signs can cost several hundred dollars in material, though that cost can be spread among a group of protesters.

US and Gadsden Flags are always helpful, of course. In this protest they had no flags on the fence. The public knows immediately when they see US and Gadsden flags that it is an anti-Obama event, even before they can read the signs. Obama hates both those flags.

If you have too many protests, that tends to produce a smaller crowd. Most people are not going to have time or the desire to participate every day or even once every week. To have a larger crowd it may better to slow down a little and have people anticipating the event for a while. These protests can be very gratifying to the participants when you do have good response from the passing traffic.

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