Ted Nugent Sticks to His Guns

Ted Nugent Sticks to His Guns

Rocker-turned-conservative activist Ted Nugent declined multiple invitations Monday by talk show host Dennis Miller to back away from his comparisons of the Obama administration to Nazi Germany.

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Dennis Miller is an idiot and a paid lackey of Globalist/Saudi owned Fox News, who does not even know that Obama is not a civil servant, but an elected official. There are many comparisons to be made to Naziism. Obama is shredding the Constitution and murdering Americans without trial. He uses both class and race warfare to help further his agenda of bringing down the American constitutional republic. Dennis Miller is actually making the same argument that many Germans made in the 1930’s that Hitler is just an inept wacko and we just have to wait him out. Whatever you think about Ted Nugent, he is one of the few public figures, who recognizes the trends, sticks to his principles and does not back down when the pressure is on.

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