Neighbors Shifts Away from Obama’s Impeachment

James Neighbors states that Overpasses for America (OfA) is no longer focusing on Obama’s impeachment at the 2nd Annual 10th Amendment brunch on January 16, 2014 in Topeka, Kansas. He mentions impeaching Obama a couple times in the talk. One mention is in explaining that OfA does not focus on impeaching Obama any longer and the other times just in passing. Also, he praises Obama’s 2008 campaign of Hope and Change at one point, which was one of the most disturbing campaigns in our entire history to many people.

The reason for this shift is likely that Neighbors wants to file as a federal, non-profit organization, but 501C organizations have to limit what they can do politically by law and probably for that reason Neighbors is lately moderating what he does and says. OfA recently eliminated the words “Impeach Obama” from their name and website addresses. Overpasses for America is already approved as a state non-profit in Oklahoma.

It is probably impossible for a federal, 501C non-profit to lead an Impeach Obama effort and retain their 501C tax-exempt status, though a Political Action Committee (PAC) could do that. PAC’s do not have the same limitation on political activities, but PAC’s cannot accept unlimited anonymous donations as 501C organizations can. So, raising funds for a PAC is more difficult, because fat-cat donors are not allowed to contribute large amounts.

To ask for the approval of Obama’s IRS to form a tax-exempt organization that focuses on protesting for his impeachment, removal and potentially punishment as a traitor would be highly problematical, to say the least. Every knee must bow in submission to the Obamessiah.


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  1. Looks like Neighbors is just one more(leader?), that is trying to find a way to make money/a living, from a cause? Good luck, many have tried, and, many have failed. My hat goes out to the many folks that find the time and money to attend (OfA) Overpasses for America, to bring attention to the traveling public for the need of Congress to Impeach Obama, along with Repealing Obamacare. Securing our Borders and enforcing our Immigration Laws to the fullest. No amnesty, no work permits, no road to citizenship. Deport, deport, deport, and, help our out of work Americans! Hear that Congress – Deport Illegals and help our out of work Vets/American Workers. Wake up America, you too Congress! Dan

    1. I don’t have a problem with someone drawing a fair salary, if it is feasible and they are spending a lot of time on it, but in this case it may be compromising the cause, in order to be paid a salary. Probably some of his admins were motivated by the possibility of starting a funded organization and making a job out of it. They may or may not have been aware that filing as a 501C would limit what they can do politically. In any case, they should not be misleading people, if this is really the situation. The leadership should just be upfront and say, hey, we have to get away from this impeachment stuff, because King Obama doesn’t like it and it is keeping us from being paid the salaries that we deserve. Of course, the regular people that actually went out on the Overpasses for the right reasons are not to blame, though they may feel insulted that I point this out.

      1. Admin, yes, I agree, in this case it may be interfering with the “cause”. Volunteers unite! Let the “money changers” find their own way in life. We have a Country to save. Wake up America, you too Congress! Dan PS – it’s late, time to hit the sack.

      2. Yes, people should demand that the focus be on impeaching and removing the Great Usurper for whatever their favorite reason may be. After he is gone, it will be easier to take care of the other problems.

  2. Overpasses For America always has, and always will advocate for the impeachment and removal of Obama from office. No one has ever suggested that we not carry ‘impeach obama’ signs. It would not do any good anyway. We carry whatever signs are relevant to our personal beliefs. Impeaching Obama is our main goal.

  3. So interesting that there’s a jump on people that want him out but Obama and his get tax exempt including Melik Obama directly from the Notorious Lois Lerner herself
    Sickening Americans get jammed up. But we can tax exempt for terrorist relations
    I say God bless for having the Bravery to face the government on top of this it takes time money and effort. I wish I knew what I could do here in Florida besides just the protests. I talk with young jaded people my age and they have no idea what is going on. I tell them and they looked surprised most never even vote. I think we need to start talking to the youth maybe I will see about starting a youth group to educate and help. I look at my children and for the first time in my life I think maybe it’s time to move. BUT WERE?? Australia maybe. I don’t know I have always been so proud of my country. Of the fact that we always rise and care for others. WHAT FUTURE DO MY CHILDREN HAVE HERE ANYMORE???

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