Obama’s Marxist coup: Ending the nightmare

Alan KeyesAlan Keyes: I have elsewhere rehearsed the facts that, along with moral and constitutional reasoning, provide just grounds for their activity. But many are daunted by the often repeated observation that, as things stand, the U.S. House of Representatives is unlikely to impeach Obama, and the U.S. Senate even more unlikely to remove him.

This self-defeating view of things has a specious ring of truth that allows the GOP’s elitist faction quislings to belittle and ridicule the very idea of impeachment/removal. This discourages many of the conservatives who long for an end to the Obama nightmare, while slyly belittling their intelligence and common sense.

To parry this discouraging word, we need to focus on the little phrase that gives the quislings’ arrogant dismissal of impeachment the disguise of truth: “as things stand.” I actually wish more people would focus on that phrase as they read and listen to appeals from anyone who presently encourages them to petition the present Congress, asking that they IMPEACH OBAMA NOW!

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