When Government Controls Healthcare

The holocaust was part of Hitler’s universal healthcare program and started in Germany’s hospitals. It is interesting to note that Obamacare also specifies creation of an “Officer Corp” as Hitlercare had. Few people realize that Hitler was inspired by development of a less radical program of eugenics in the 1930’s in the United States, which involved sterilization of undesirable families. This program was also advanced by the utopian progressive movement, much as progressives are now pushing Obamacare on the American public. The purpose is really the same, to be able to socially engineer the population by means of controlling the distribution of healthcare.

Eugenics and the Progressive Movement – Discover the Networks

More than half of the states had forced sterilization laws for undesirable families. Of course we are assured by Obama’s followers that America can never, never become a dictatorship, even while he is often making new law by decree.

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  1. Americans are under the attack of local and global fascist network. They must block them who trying to enter in american estalishment just to distroy freedom andcivil liberties. Its modern form of nazism.

  2. I agree: modern healthcare is dangerous. In fact, on January 17, 1929, it was reported in the Journal of the Senate of the General Assembly of the State of Iowa, “There is a growing recognition that good health is the greatest asset that an individual may possess, and that the health of its citizens is a necessary concern of the State. There is also a rapidly growing appreciation that many diseases can be prevented; that the health of many persons may be promoted, and that it is possible to extend the average duration of life for at least another ten years. To bring such desired results to pass, requires not only competent practitioners of the healing art, but the active work of well organized and efficiently administered departments of health—both state and local.”

    In other words, the original Healing Art (art of healing) is God’s healthcare, the only healthcare that really works, and I used it to cure myself from so-called Parkinson’s disease, but Western governments do not want people using it. Instead, the governments spray Chemtrails and let people eat poisons, and poisoned people visit doctors who influence them to poison themselves more with medicines. In 1858, R.T. Trall, M.D. explained, “The school in which Professor Smith is one of the most distinguished, as well as experienced teachers, has just sent forth nearly one hundred graduates, legally invested with the title of M. D., to poison the blood of the people; and they will do it. Wherever they go, calomel, antimony, niter, kreosote, iodine, vitriol, lead, copper, zince, arsenic, etc., in a hundred forms will go with them; and rotting teeth, corroded stomachs, ulcerated bowels, debilitated nerves, torpid viscera, and vitiated secretions will attest the truth of their theory and the abominations of their practice. But will these now-ledge M.D.s tell their patients anything about it? Most certainly not. Will the young doctor when he deals out his deadly chemicals say to his patient ‘Sir (or Madam), you are very sick—dangerous. You have bad blood, impurities have accumulated in your system. Poisons have got into your circulation, and thus you are diseased. I shall now give you some medicines that will operate in the same way as the poisons which have produced your disorder. It will poison the blood also. No, no, no. Those prudent esculapians will maintain a prudent reserve on this point.”

    Hence, doctors help keep people poisoned, and they help keep the pope in business. According to a Vatican report issued in 2010, the Vatican runs 117,000 healthcare facilities, including clinics, hospitals, and orphanages, 512 centers for leprosy, and 18,000 pharmacies, [http://www.catholicnewsagency.com/news/catholic_hospitals_represent_26_percent_of_worlds_health_facilities_reports_pontifical_council/.] and if all doctors worked with God to cure, instead of poisoning for governments and the pope, patients would wake up from their drug-induced stupors, and bring down the White House, Vatican….

    And, by the way, if you search hard enough, you will find that an earlier pope was in bed with Hitler.

    Mary of the Gael

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