Overpasses for America Unites with Marxists & Anarchists for Media Protest

The Overpasses for America organization, which advertises itself as a conservative, patriot organization, joined with Marxist/Progressive (Occupy Wall Street) and anarchist (Anonymous) groups in co-sponsoring the “March against the Mainstream Media” on November 16th, 2013.

Occupy Wall Street to March on Main Stream Media

Overpasses for America Joins with Marxists & Anarchists for Media Protest

2 thoughts on “Overpasses for America Unites with Marxists & Anarchists for Media Protest”

  1. It would seem the once reputable Overpasses group has decided to get into bed with those that do nothing but make our cause look bad. Can you say IMPLOSION.

    1. It may be okay to coordinate protests with such people, if you are headed in the same direction, depending on the situation, maybe if they were supporting impeachment. You would still want to keep them at arms length, while holding your nose. But this does not seem exactly well-advised. One week supporting truckers for impeachment and a couple weeks later, supporting Marxist/anarchist revolution?

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