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LarryKlaymanWhenever someone is dealing with such a very unpleasant topic as removing Obama from office, there is always the danger that people become indirect, pussyfooting and prevaricating in order to seem nicer, get broader support and garner donations. People lose sight of the message and pretty soon the whole effort degenerates into a nice, get-out-the-vote drive in support of the corrupt Republican establishment, who do not want the Usurper removed from office at all. Click the image to go to their website.

Klayman is begging Obama to remove himself, probably because he has invited ambitious politicians, who do not support removing the Great Usurper and he does not want to offend them. Klayman evidently sees himself as a kind of Mohatma Gandhi. Instead of the constitutional process for removing Obama, he is proposing a campaign of Gandhi-like passive resistance, hoping to appeal to Obama’s good conscience and have him resign of his own free will. It has to be admitted that this is a novel solution that never occurred to this blogger. Maybe we can all just gather at Foggy Bottom in robes of sackcloth, all assume the lotus position and meditate Obama out of office? Or, maybe not…

Mahatma Gandhi Klayman's Role Model
Mahatma Gandhi – Klayman’s Role Model
Calling on Obama to resign does not put any pressure on the celebrity politicians that may attend this rally or the Republican party bosses, who will be watching. We need to hold their feet to the fire and demand that they stay on message. Obama has to be fully exposed and removed from office. We will accept nothing less than that. Requesting and suggesting that he resign voluntarily is not nearly strong enough. Obama will just get a good laugh at the thought of it.

Such people cannot be expected to pursue a goal, if they are too timid to speak openly and directly about it in public for fear of offending politicians and contributors. After five years of this, we have had enough appeasement, already. Get to the point!

This is why we cannot count on a national leader, a single person is always going to be tempted by social/political pressure, money, threats or just plain political correctness to water down the message and/or change the subject. A movement to remove Obama from office has to be truly grassroots and come from the People, not from lawyers seeking donations for their latest court campaign and the “big men” in suits.

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