Impeaching Obama – Think Globally, Act Locally

Impeach Obama protest in 2010, when fingers still outnumbered honks.
Impeach Obama protest in 2010,
when fingers still outnumbered honks.
Recent overpass protests have shown that it is now more acceptable to advocate impeachment and removal of Obama in public, though there are still relatively few people willing to actually go out and do it.  It has not been on the national media, but many local media outlets have covered these protests for impeachment.

The “Overpasses for Obama’s Impeachment” FaceBook page may have ~70k “likes,” but the great majority of them are just lookey-lous and lurkers.  Only a very small fraction of them have participated.   An estimated couple thousand people have protested for Obama’s impeachment across the country, though millions honked approval!  That means there is plenty of room left for growth in the next year.

The Tea Party involved 1-2 million people.  Imagine what could be done, if instead of a couple thousand actual protesters for impeachment, the number expanded to even 100k people, who were actually on the streets and overpasses actively protesting.  Next year is an election year and interest in such protests will increase dramatically.

If you do not like the controlling ways of the management of Overpasses for America, learn to be an organizer yourself and take control of you own fate.  Start your own independent local group in your town or area. We are also looking for state organizers.

You can have your site listed in our directory at this website and we will help you, without requiring that we “own” your group.  Use the contact tab at the top of the page to list a group.

In the 1960’s they used to say, “think globally, act locally.”  Hundreds of independent local organizers are needed to really get the impeach-Obama movement off the ground.

You can do it at your own tempo.  It is not necessary to protest every day or every week.  Longer-term commitment is more important.

We can always count on Obama to produce another outrage/scandal and the movement will take off again the way it did before.  Start getting ready for it, today.  Organize and build your own group or join your local group, if one already exists.  Start having demos at a reasonable pace, as you have time.

If there were only 100 groups, each having demos once a month, there would be three demos per day taking place across the country.

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