CHP Shuts Down Impeach-Obama Overpass Protest

The California Highway Patrol shuts down a another free speech protest in Santa Rosa, California. Due to political pressure, the CHP is trying to discourage groups in California from protesting against Obama, one by one. It’s is important for more and bigger groups to come out at this time, so that the State Government will not be able to intimidate and stifle free speech against Obama in the most effective way that we have. Obama has the media in his pocket and we have mainly the overpasses.

Jack-booted CHP Officer Stomps on Free Speech Posters
Jack-booted CHP officer stomps and kicks free-speech poster
as a bewildered and dismayed American citizen looks on

The CHP officer in the above photo described the posters as “litter,” implying that he would ticket them for “littering,” if not removed.

CHP Sgt Ryan Killgore (13913. ISYN CHP Santa Rosa), mentioned California Penal Code Section 556, which prohibits commercial signs. This law does not appear to apply to freedom of speech protest signs. The protesters are not selling or giving away anything. In the end, the officer did not write any citations, because there is no law that prohibits such protest signs.

PC 556. It is a misdemeanor for any person to place or maintain, or cause to be placed or maintained without lawful permission upon any property of the State, or of a city or of a county, any sign, picture, transparency, advertisement, or mechanical device which is used for the purpose of advertising or which advertises or brings to notice any person, article of merchandise, business or profession, or anything that is to be or has been sold, bartered, or given away.

The CHP does permit images of communist dictators and terrorists to be permanently affixed to their overpasses, as well as revolutionary, separatist political messages by Mexican/Latino nationalists. However, they prohibit temporary, constitutionally protected, freedom-of-speech protests that call for the impeachment and removal of the Great Dictator, Obama.

Communist dictator, Fidel Castro, and terrorist, Che Guevara.
Communist Dictator, Fidel Castro, and terrorist, Che Guevara
permanently memorialized on a CHP/Caltrans-owned overpass.

This mural — one of many, honoring communist dictators, terrorists and Mexican revolutionaries — is painted on CHP/Caltrans-owned public property in San Diego at Chicano Park. There are also permanent murals advocating the separation of the Southwest from the United States by Mexican nationalists and others display Nazi-like swastikas, all permanently affixed to CHP-owned Overpasses. In fact, Caltrans recently spent $1.6 million in federal grants to restore these revolutionary, anti-American murals just in time for the 2012 election.

These political murals are not constitutionally protected free speech, but just political appeasement of a seditious, anti-American special-interest group.

In addition, Occupiers, of course, were not just allowed to post signs on public property for many weeks on end, but allowed to build illegal, filthy tent encampments, which were the scene of many a sex and drug party on public property, while police stood by for weeks and watched the tents shaking and giving off the pungent aroma of Marijuana. There were many petty and felonious crimes committed constantly in these encampments across the nation, yet they were permitted to go on for weeks in the name of free speech.

Illegal aliens break the law just be being here, yet they are allowed to protest openly at the nation’s capitol recently.

No crimes are being committed on the overpasses during these short protests, but the state wants to shut them down, because some do not like the message.

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    1. They harass the smaller groups and try to discourage it a little at a time. This group in Santa Rosa was apparently also displaying some pretty provocative signage, which does not change their right to do it. They will come to take care of us in San Diego probably last, if they can discourage these other folks. I think this kind of thing has already intimidated a lot of people across the country, who don’t want to cross the police/CHP.

  2. As much as I would have L O V E D to kick this little sh@#’s A @ # …, next time just put it back up!!!!!!!

    1. haha, this is part two, in part one he rips everything down and leaves. this is part 2 when he comes back after we put all the signs back up and he repeats the process.

      1. Really you might need some garlic necklace’s and a silver large cross ;( thought demons where invisible , YIKES

  3. I’m a law abiding calif native, I’m ashamed that .I can’t really speak what I want !!! Afraid of being (all the above.). :/

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