Overpass protestors assaulted in Gwinnett

Overpass protestors assaulted in Gwinnett

We have been doing anti-Obama and Impeach Obama protests in San Diego since 2009.  Obama thugs often come out and try to intimidate small groups when the participants do not look very capable of self defense, though never had one point a gun at us.  These things frequently seem planned by unions or other pro-Obama groups. 

Enthusiasm is great, but protesters need to have fewer protests, but try to form bigger groups.  The more protesters in your group the less likely they are to bother you like this.  If you have too many protests, your own protests compete against each other for participants.   Try to have a larger protest, which looks more significant, anyway, and try to have the local media cover it, so you reach more people.

More people will be interested, if it appears that a larger group of people will be there. Having a lot of small protests can be self-defeating. It is better to have fewer protests that attract more participants for safety’s sake as well as effectiveness. People will keep coming back to your events, if the protests are larger and for that reason more fun. The drivers also respond better to a larger group. Quality is more important than quantity with these protests.

Read the article here: http://www.wsbradio.com/news/news/overpass-protestors-assaulted-gwinnett/nbCfN/

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