Obama Operative Flags an Impeach-Obama Overpass Demo

This is standard operating procedure of the Obama followers that is encouraged around the country. It’s the same thing they do with Internet posts that they don’t like to disrupt and try to have them deleted.

Be aware that Obama operatives monitor your events and plan to do this and other things to disrupt them. To help avoid a bad response from the police, notify them and highway patrol 1-2 days ahead of time about your peaceful demo. If they know about it, they may not even have to respond to such 911 calls from O-bots. Otherwise they are required to respond to 911 calls by law.

Turn the tables on them. Tell the police when you call them that you are concerned that political operatives will make 911 calls, as a dirty trick, to try to use the police to disrupt your demo and deny you your 1st Amendment rights.

From YouTube clip description:

Chadwick Hawkins, Town of Campbell telling bald-face lies to a 911 operator. He calls us “rioters” and says “we talked to them and they know they aren’t supposed to be doing this”.

To the contrary, our attorney contacted the Campbell Police chief earlier in the day to clarify the town loitering ordinance and was told we were NOT violating the ordinance and that he instructed his officers NOT to give us any trouble while demonstrating.

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