March on Washington on Hitler’s Birthday (April 20th)

Statue-of-Liberty-in-Hell--54885This group is organizing a march on Washington on April 20th. That happens to be the birthday of the dear Führer, Adolf Hitler. It is most likely either a leftist hoax or a white-supremacist-backed event.

Note: since this was posted the date has been changed on their website and the rhetoric dialed back.

The agenda described and rhetoric used on the website sounds a lot like the Christian Identity/Freemen agenda. The stated revolutionary goal is to have the Government dismiss themselves and return the “US to a Republic.” That is an oft-stated goal of groups like the Freemen, a kind of Nazi-like Christian Identity group, who wants to return the US to a Republic as it was before the 14th Amendment guaranteed the citizenship of former slaves.

Global Mutiny

Kind of reminds one of the old days, when the Brown Shirts surrounded the German Parliament and demanded that they give up power by approving the Ermächtigungsgesetz (Empowerment Act), which gave Hitler dictatorial powers.

Another group with dubious connections proposed a similar march a couple of years ago on the same date, if I am not mistaken. Very symbolic, but nothing came of it.

It could just be an internet hoax. Some O-bot may be trying to see how may people they can entice to demonstrate on Hitler’s birthday, which was celebrated in Nazi Germany. Parents used to offer their children to Hitler on his this day for the Hitler Youth as a (demonic) birthday present.

Or, maybe the DHS needs to provoke a situation, where they can attract enough white supremacists to test the new tanks that they are buying for the Civilian National Security Force.

Nazis and KKK groups have worked together in the past. Don’t be surprised, if some event like this serves as an excuse for Obama to grab more power. Here the former KKK Grand Dragon, Tom Metzger, reviews the history of cooperation between black and white supremacist groups at a conference of the Black Panthers.


You may remember that the Nazis blamed the burning of the Reichstag on a mentally-retarded Dutch communist, Marinus van der Lubbe. However, it was thought to have been a false flag operation staged by the Nazis themselves.

A natural scapegoat for an Obama power grab would be white supremacists and militia members. Now would be the perfect time, after Obama has got them all riled up and in the public mind with his executive orders on gun control.

A man at one of my own protests, who described himself as a member of the American Nazi Party told me once that they are “trying to work with the blacks” and he was against the impeachment of Obama for that reason.


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  1. get obama out of the white house before that picture above becomes a reality in our country. look at what happened today in boston an 8 year old little child was blown to pieces and this is just the beginning we need to get him out and gain control of out country. please God help us all.

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