Obama Eligibility – The ‘Dogs’ that did not Bark

Let’s connect the dots on eligibility. In the Sherlock Holmes short story, “Silver Blaze,” by Sir Authur Conan Doyle, the critical clue is that the watch dog did not bark when a race horse is stolen.

Regarding Obama’s eligibility, about 300 Republican dogs are not barking. These dogs are not even making a whimper about it, even though the evidence is being paraded right before their eyes by people like Sheriff Arpaio and attorneys Van Iron and Larry Clayman. Many have been wondering why, absolutely astounded that the Congress refuses to recognize this issue, while Obama has an obviously dodgy birth certificate posted on the White House website, where anyone can verify the problems with it.

In 2008, the Senate had a hearing on the eligibility of John McCain, when the question of his eligibility seemed much less in question. It would have been very embarrassing for the Republicans, if the Democrats had made a big issue of McCain’s eligibility and we know that both parties have desired for years to make an end-run around the Constitution and very much broaden the eligibility requirements for the presidency without bothering with those pesky rules for amending the Constitution.

So, the circumstantial evidence leads one to assume that the congressional Democrats and Republicans made a crooked deal to bypass the Constitutional requirements for eligibility.

If the Democrats would endorse John McCain’s eligibility, the Republicans would ignore any questions about Obama’s eligibility. Both parties will ignore future such eligibility issues for potential candidates, like Republican fair-haired boy, Marco Rubio, and others.

3 thoughts on “Obama Eligibility – The ‘Dogs’ that did not Bark”

  1. I heard they are all so immersed in corruption they don’t whistle blow. They don’t want to get exposed for their own corruption and it’s so bad throughout both houses that none can say a word without getting in legal trouble themselves. Most of them belong in prison. Few exceptions. They are not divided, they are dividing. The constitution has no sides and neither should we. This needs to be addressed by more sheriffs. They need to join Sheriff Arpaio.

  2. I sent this to the sheriff of our county: I would like to know why more sheriffs haven’t joined with Sheriff Arpaio and defended the US Constitution. Both houses of congress are so corrupt they do not dare to expose the ineligibility of the man in the white house today. They are suggesting Bobby Jindal or Marco Rubio for VP with Romney, the challenger that was appointed to challenge the anointed. These men are also ineligible but if they get away with it for Obama it becomes accepted w/o a constitutional amendment. This is outrageous and I am weary of looking to our elected officials to do what is right. I would like to see Sheriff Boyer defend this county by the laws of the constitution having the final authority for doing just that when the federal government has run amok. They have and continue to do so. I would like to be proud of the sheriff of our county and to know he will keep his oath to the constitiution and to carry out the duties of his position. That is what the sheriff gets paid to do. We should see him fighting Agenda 21 and standing with the citizens who’s taxes pay for him to do just that. We should see him defending the second amendment when attacked by such as Russ Hauge. We should ask him to resign if he doesn’t begin to show better job performance. Please see the link below. Barack Hussein Obama is not legally residing in the white house. There is a preponderance of evidence. Congress is complicit. The sheriffs are by the duty of their office and the authority of their position, obligated to take action. Why aren’t they? http://stop-obama-now.net/2012/07/21/crooked-deal-on-eligibility/#comment-6407

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