Is Obama Muslim?

Elijah Muhammad, Prophet of the Nation of Islam, taught that blacks are born muslims. Cosmic symbols on his fez signify that the black man is the master of the universe.
Obama might be termed an ethnic Muslim or cultural Muslim, because he embraces his father’s family with is a traditionally Muslim family. His documented religion is, however, the Black Liberation Theology of Jeremiah Wright’s Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago.

The doctrine of the so-called church where Obama was a member for 20 years is not Christianity, but has a kind of Gnostic doctrine and was inspired by the Nation of Islam. The Nation of Islam is not orthodox Islam either, but also has a Gnostic, black cult doctrine. The NOI was started by a group of not very educated men and the head, Elijah Muhammad, used to fret that they needed professional types to build a “black nation.”

Black Liberation Theology can be seen as a pseudo-Christian version of the Nation of Islam. It has a doctrine written by a professor that appeals more to black urban professionals, like Obama, and has also been useful for spreading the concepts of the NOI into black churches and the general, black population.

Elijah Muhammad taught that his version of Islam is not a religion, but that blacks are naturally born Muslims. They have a Nazi-like concept that all culture and knowledge come from the black man, the “original people.” The sects that are based on the Elijah Muhammad’s Black Nationalism borrow a lot of concepts from his writings, which are considered to be scripture by his followers. Obama may feel that he is, at root, a Muslim, in the sense of Elijah Muhammad.

Obama campaign poster with radiant halo, similar to that used in images of Elijah Muhammad.
Obama is certainly very sympathetic to Islam, due to his family background and the connection of his Gnostic pseudo-church to the Nation of Islam cult. Black Liberation Theology is compatible with Islam in its ethics, justifying whatever is necessary to destroy the white man and to bring down America. He is also anxious to cooperate with Muslims to achieve his anti-American agenda. The doctrine of his pseudo-church is worse than that of Islam in any case, calling more specifically for the destruction of America and white society by any means necessary. People should take the time to read the foundation books on Black Liberation Theology by James H. Cone, available from Amazon. They are short, inexpensive books that give you a much better idea of the religious nature of Obama’s agenda against America, whites and the orthodox Christian church. It holds that all three must be destroyed in order to bring on the millennial utopia or kingdom of God on Earth, which in their doctrine will be a physical theocracy led by a black messiah. The doctrine teaches that the black messiah will be an ordinary man who exalts himself to that god-like status, by struggle against white society. Because they are self-exalted, more than one messiah is possible at the same time.

Louis Farrakhan, the current head of the Nation of Islam, who was a disciple of Elijah Muhammad, implied during the campaign (Feb., 2008) at his “Saviors’ Day Conference” that Obama is a black messiah. Note that “Saviors’ ” is plural on Farrakhan’s podium in the clip below. The black vote shifted from Hillary to Obama at about that time, just as Michelle Obama had predicted about three months earlier in an interview on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” program.

Louis Farrakhan Hails Obama As The Black Messiah

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