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La Raza’s Nazi Link – Jose Vasconcelos

In the summer of 2017, the National Council of La Raza changed its name to UnidosUS. CEO Janet Murguia said the name change was to give the movement broader appeal. It seems, however, to be a concession to some their … Continue reading

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Nazi Roots of Chicano / La Raza Ultra Nationalism

The Chicano movement is an ultra nationalist movement, based on ethnic and mestizo racial nationalism, which seeks to gain political control of the southwestern United States and to ultimately join it with Mexico. They are the ideological heirs of the … Continue reading

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Attack On America – Radical Leftists Attack Pro-American, Senior Citizens

This even occurred in Los Angeles in 1996 during the controversy over Proposition 187, which would have denied illegal aliens public services. The video belongs to the California Coalition for Immigration Reform (CCIR) and is re-posted here will permission for … Continue reading

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