Two Illegal Crossers Murdered By Smugglers For Not Paying Cartel

Two would-be, illegal border crossers were killed with rocks and another one shot, but not killed by smugglers when they tried to cross the border in Tijuana without paying their crossing fees to the local cartel coyote. In this report they quote the crossing fee to be $7-8K per person. This agrees roughly with what I heard in Tijuana a couple years ago, $8-10K, and that is just the fee to cross the US border. To be smuggled across Mexico costs more.

The smuggling fee is much higher in Tijuana and the California Border because there are less places where it is easy to cross, due the border being much better protected with bollard fencing, than in places, like Texas. It is a supply versus demand issue. The limited number of places to cross easily in California drives up the crossing fee that the local cartel demands.

See the Border Report article at this link.

2 migrants stoned to death by smugglers along border wall in Tijuana

The border is divided up by the cartels and leased to coyotes for some amount of money and a share of the smuggling profits. It is a lot like franchising a chain of businesses. It anyone tries to cross and is caught by those that own the rights to that area, they are likely to be punished severely and/or held for ransom if not killed, as these two were.

In the article it sounds like the cartels took over border recently, but that is not true. The cartels took over the border a couple of decades ago. Before that illegal alien smuggling operations were largely independent, mom-and-pop businesses.

This is probably the more likely punishment for illegal crossers who do not pay the cartel fee. It is another previously posted video about a kidnapping of illegal border crossers, probably kidnapped and held for ransom, because they had not paid the local cartel for crossing. Most times, the Cartel would likely prefer to torture them and hold them for ransom. After the ransom is paid they are likely to be killed in private, without it ever being reported in the news.

Bitchute Video: Cartel Kidnap-Torture Video Of Illegal Border Crossers

Just think of the enormity of the lie the Leftists tell the public that allowing them to come by paying the cartels to smuggle them across is the humane thing to do.

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