My Positive Test Result For Covid-19 Antibodies

The results of my antibody test for Covid-19 came back the same day that I heard from the media that Trump had tested positive for Covid-19.

The great majority of people only have mild symptoms or no symptoms at all when infected with Covid-19. In San Diego, where I live, currently 93% that test positive for an active case do not have to be hospitalized. The percentage is probably significantly higher than 93%, because there are many people who do not realize they have Covid-19, because there are no symptoms or mild symptoms, and they are never even tested for an active case.

Trump and his staff / family members who have contracted the virus are very likely to recover the same as I did. This high profile infection at the White House could help put a stop to the irrational panic surrounding the relatively mild Covid-19 pandemia.

I had it a few weeks earlier with mild symptoms, low-grade fever (just over 100F), headache, dry cough, body aches, fatigue and a little chest congestion. Most symptoms were gone in 3-4 days, but the fatigue lasted for about a week. I am 65 years old and am border-line obese, my BMI is about 30. I take medicine for slightly elevated blood pressure. Therefore, I would be considered to be marginally in the high risk group.

I have the flu shot every year, but have had the flu three times in the last two years. For me, all of these bouts with the flu were much worse than having Covid-19. The is no completely effective flu vaccine, because the flu is caused by a RNA virus, as with Covid-19.

I did not get the direct, nasal test for the Covid virus. I just stayed at home until the symptoms were gone. I did not want to be counted as an active case of Covid-19. The number of active cases is what California Governor Newsom uses to justify his overly harsh and irrational restrictions on businesses, government, schools and social activities.

So, I just waited a few weeks and had an antibody test, which does not cause a person to be listed by the County as an active case. It just shows whether you have been previously infected and possess the antibodies, or not.

Now I should have some immunity to the corona virus that causes Covid-19. This corona virus is an RNA virus which is mutating frequently. So, I may not be immune to future mutated strains of the virus, but probably I will still have partial immunity to future strains of the same virus.

Progressive social engineers think that they can absolutely control everything that happens in human society, but they cannot. The virus is not going away, even if a vaccine is developed Afterall, mutated strains of the Spanish Flu virus are still with us after more than 100 years and 60-70 years after flu vaccines were developed. There will most probably not be a totally effective vaccine developed for a constantly-mutating RNA virus like this current corona virus, either.

The public will eventually assimilate this virus into their collective immune system, just as humans have all previous such viruses for thousands of years. But the only way it will be assimilated is for large numbers of people to be exposed to it. Those at low risk should be allowed to be exposed first, so we can all get on with our lives.

I am not convinced of it, but it is possible that spreading of the virus may be slowed by the Orwellian restrictions being forced on society, but the end result over time could to be the same. Just as many people could die, only more gradually. It is not even clear that all of these measures are effective in significantly slowing the infections.

Meanwhile the economy and people’s livelihoods are being devastated. There are other harmful effects caused by the illogical restrictions, such as children not being educated as they should be and people not getting medical attention and dying because they are afraid to seek medical attention due to fear of catching Covid-19.

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