How America Handled Another Minor Pandemic In 1957

The Asian flu pandemic killed about 100,000 Americans in 1957-1958. Dr. Anthony Fauci said that the COVID-19 pandemic may turn out to be, if not like a severe flu season, then like the relatively minor Asian flu pandemic in 1957 or the Hong Kong pandemic in 1968. The Asian flu was handled in that time without media fearing-mongering, panic and hysteria. There was no socialist distancing or economy-crushing, national shutdowns. The medical authorities, media and politicians tried to reassure the public, not bully them, put them under house arrest and panic them into blindly accepting the regimentation of the most minute details of their daily lives.

A vaccine for the Asian flu was developed in about 3 months, even before the virus had reached the United States. Now, with COVID-16 they are saying development of a vaccine will take at least 18 months, if it happens at all. This means the vaccine will be ready long after the virus has done most of its damage. At that time, there was a lot less bureaucratic red-tape involved in developing vaccines. Certainly, they could cut through the red tape now, if they felt that it was a serious crisis and really wanted to do so.

The problem is our politicians, medical authorities and media do not want to deal with this current pandemic in a practical manner. They would rather use it to advance various political, financial and social-engineering agendas. As corrupt politicians say, never let a crisis — or a pandemic — go to waste.

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