Dr. Fauci Misled Congress And The American People

Dr. Fauci grossly misrepresented the mortality rate of #COVID-19 to Congress in February. The mortality rate is the percentage of those infected that will die. Doctor Fauci said that the mortality rate in China was 3-4%, implying that percentage would die. It has also been estimated that 50-70% of the population would catch the disease. These numbers can vary with conditions from place to place and the calculation depends on actually knowing how many people have been infected, which they didn’t know, but Fauci didn’t explain that. He just let people believe that those could be relatively hard numbers. If you do the arithmetic, Fauci is implying here that about 5-7 million Americans would die. This put the public into a panic, where most would accept almost anything to avoid it.

Right now, most Americans are living under what amounts to a police state where the government dictates the most minor aspects of your life, while the nation is being bankrupted. They tell you that you have to sacrifice your basic rights for the good of others, whether it is logical or not, just do what you’re told. You’re not supposed to question it because people will die, if you do, they say. What a perfect tool for socialist propaganda and brainwashing this is.

Covid-19 — Navigating the Uncharted

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2 thoughts on “Dr. Fauci Misled Congress And The American People”

  1. Fauci: “There will be a surprise outbreak.” (2017)

    Fauci: “We expect a second outbreak this fall.”

    How did he know, back in 2017, there would be a “surprise outbreak”?
    It couldn’t have been a “surprise” to him, back then, if he already knew it was coming.

    How does he know to expect a “second outbreak” this coming Fall?

    Here’s one possible explanation: the CV is an S-protein with an outer fatty membrane
    that effectively “melts” at certain temperatures. Dr. Dan Lee Dimke claims to have proof
    that CV has a “kill temp” of 133 F. That claim is a worthy hypothesis, because it is
    very easy to test. You can find Dr. Dimke’s research at YouTube. I am not a doctor
    or medical professional, so I am not qualified to support or refute Dimke’s claims.
    Please do your own research.

    1. Because there are outbreaks happening all the time. Most of them you don’t hear about. Colds and flues are often seasonal, they go away in the summer and come back in the fall.

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