How Some Countries Fight COVID-19 Without Lockdowns

Some countries and other local political entities are developing ways to deal with the Wuhan corona pandemic, without government-dictated formal lockdowns causing so much economic disruption and trampling on peoples rights as individuals. At the bottom of these posts are some links. I will try to keep this post updated regarding status and new developments for non-lockdown developments. Please send me or post in the comments any other relevant links.

There should not be, but there is a political aspect to this. Leftists and anti-Americans may not have a problem with the prospect of the economy collapsing and more government control, while American patriots want to see the economy remain strong and our individuals rights upheld at the same time.

The argument for total lockdown is that the health care system could become overwhelmed and collapse if COVID-19 spreads to quickly.

Those against lockdowns, say only the high-risk persons should isolate themselves and those at low risk should go about their daily business, pretty much as usual. In that way group immunity, aka “herd immunity”, would build up faster.

The pandemic will not stop until about 50-60% of the people have been infected and have immunity, achieving group immunity. An outbreak is like a fire and group immunity means that there is not enough fuel (people without immunity) to sustain the fire and it will die out. It will not be totally eliminated, but will become more like a seasonal flu.

The health care system and insurance companies, themselves, depend on the economy. If the economy collapses insurance companies and hospitals will go bankrupt, too, and that can also contribute to collapse of the healthcare system. The $2 trillion dollar bailout, which we already cannot afford, could be the first of many required. We have to borrow the money and even our national credit has limits.

In the absence of a vaccine there is no simple and easy solution, but all the possibilities should be considered. Millions of people around the world will die, before a vaccine is ready, if one even becomes available. Different approaches may be more suitable for different areas of the country and the world. As faster and easier testing becomes more available, it may be easier to lift lockdowns and avoid future lockdowns. Coming increased production of ventilators will also help avoid lockdowns.

South Korea “flattened the curve” without any lockdown by developing their own quick testing method. They did contact tracing and widely tested and then quarantined those who tested positive for COVID-19. Japan, Singapore, Taiwan and Hong Kong are also taking or attempting to take a no lockdown approach.

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3 thoughts on “How Some Countries Fight COVID-19 Without Lockdowns”

  1. I’m in Tokyo, the most densely populated metropolitan area in the world, and there have been no lockdowns here. Nobody hassles me when I go out without a mask or at four in the morning. Even still, we don’t have people dropping like flies here.

    1. So, what’s the secret of the Japanese, Lucky? Is sake an antidote for Covid-19 infection or is it the sea weed?

      It could be that there are not so many people, who are obese, diabetic, or have other health problems that acerbate Covid-19.

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